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Thank you – summer 2018!

Thank you for a great summer!

We loved having all of our campers, parents, staff and leadership team join us for summer 2018. We hope your camp memories will last a lifetime! Thank you for being a part of such an amazing summer. Our motto for our staff during orientation week was BE AMAZING. And the counselors wore orange bracelets around all summer to remind them daily to be amazing with each other, with our campers and as a camp community.

As school gets back in full swing, we ask that you continue to BE AMAZING and follow your DREAMS. We believe in you and know each and everyone of you that was a part of Banner this summer has a tremendous ability to make an impact on this world. Do great things at school and be kind to those around you. It makes a difference to our community when you are a great friend, include others and continue to be the best you can.

Thank you for a summer of fun, friendship, dedication, community and so much more. We love you and will miss you until June 17, 2019. Thanks to so many of our campers that have already enrolled for next summer. It makes us so happy knowing we will be able to continue the Banner experience with so many of you!

Here are some parent’s kind words about their campers summer we thought we would share with you:

“I want to start by saying that we have loved Banner since the boys started as campers 4 years ago. Every summer has been better than the last and I just cannot say enough about the experience they have had. We have seen them grow so much and know it is definitely from what they are exposed to daily at camp.”

“Thank you so much for another wonderful summer. I want you to know how much our family has appreciated Annie and her care and professionalism she showed for our son. He had some challenging moments/days at camp this summer and every step of the way, we felt Annie clearly communicated the issues and that she was a true partner with us in working with him. When we were at the Parent Interactive Event, it was clear that his counselor Rebecca understood how to assist him in communicating what he was feeling – which was a big issue earlier in the summer. He clearly adjusted his behavior with the help of Annie leading the way. He is certainly closer to being the best he can be as a result his summer at Banner.”

“I was so nervous about sending Tyler to such a large camp. I thought he may get lost in the shuffle and that Bannerama (his favorite part of the day) would make him nervous. I always knew he would do well in school, but was unsure about camp. Instead, he has blossomed under the love and care that he has been receiving from your staff and all of the activities that you plan on a daily basis.  Thank you!”

“Last night (interactive parent night) was so wonderful and fun!! So glad I was able to come visit camp and see how amazing everything is!! Banner is truly an extraordinary camp and we are so happy Sebastian is having such a wonderful experience.”

“I just wanted to let you know as week one of Banner wraps up I am so happy with my decision to switch Jack over.

  • The pictures I get to see everyday make my heart smile. Actually I’m pretty jealous and I wish I could be a camper! The day to day activities are incredible!!!
  • The first day of Banner the nicest bus counselor hops off the bus to greet us and as he got on the bus everyone shouted “Hi Jack” (then I was in the driveway crying)
  • His bus driver Chase – cutest blonde kid, every day opens his window after a long day of camp and says bye Jack see you tomorrow!
  • Erica answers every email in a matter of minutes!! From helping me get set up with Shutterfly to setting me up with the lunch problem, to trouble shooting how Jack lost his $40 water bottle, to explaining what it meant when he told me he passed his swim test…..  she is really a gem!
  • Day 3 Jack hasn’t stop practicing the cha cha slide in the living room on repeat

See you for SUMMER 2019!!!