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Female counselor and two girl campers laying on the grass together with they heads together in a circle

Value Based Programming

Here at Banner, we believe that our campers are learning fundamental social and emotional skills through play that support their development and promote life long success. This belief is the catalyst for every activity, curriculum and event that we offer at camp.

Two boy campers in helmets at the ziplining station smiling together

Value Based Programming

Banner provides a safe environment for campers to express themselves, build relationships, learn communication skills and develop a strong character and sense of self. Our goal is simple; we strive to create a community in which campers can live up to their fullest potential. With this focus, we know that Banner camper’s leave camp each summer as people that will change the world for the better – one friendship, family or school at a time.

Girl camper getting ready to serve a volleyball

Goal of the Week Program

The Goal of the Week program is intentionally designed in order to promote character development. Throughout the week, campers are rewarded for demonstrating strong character traits like being respectful, demonstrating resilience or showing appreciation. Each week culminates in an award ceremony where the Leadership and staff share specific examples of the positive character development that happened within their camp group.

Two boys smiling together on the football field holding a football


Each morning at Bannerama, our entire camp community has a chance to learn and be inspired together. At Bannerama, Stacy and our Leadership Team share what it means to have good character and encourage campers to be their very best, both at camp and when they leave at the end of the summer.

Girl camper sliding down a waterslide

Parent Partnerships

As a parent, you can expect to hear about how your camper is learning and growing with each Leadership phone call allowing you to celebrate your camper at home and reinforce all that they are doing here at camp. It’s amazing to see.

Parent Testimonials

My child, who I had struggled with for years, was not missing a beat.

“My child, who I had struggled with for years, was not missing a beat. He had a swagger about him, the way he spoke to strangers, and friends, the way he was able to jump into play, and warm up when faced with a new activity, was making my heart dance. His confidence was undeniable. Friends and family all agreed that his progress was impressive. My proudest moment came on parent visitor day while watching him do his follies dance. I was not sure if he was going to rise to the occasion, as previously this task would be incredibly daunting to him. Nervously, I waited for the dance to begin. The music revved and so did he. He hit every move with enthusiasm, excitement, and confidence. He killed it. I was shocked. Tears filled my eyes, I was overwhelmed by his progress and the pride that filled his face and body. Never, could I have imagined that would have been my son, and never before had I experienced a moment so special. It was so much more then a two minute performance. It was the embodiment of his evolution, the blossoming of my once extremely reluctant and anxious child.”

It may be hard, it may take time, stick with it and you’ll be fine…

“She had been practicing on a balance bike and doing really well, so today we tried a 2 wheel bike. She was getting really frustrated after a few tries of not being able to get up on it, and was ready to quit. I recited Banner’s phrase to her about, “it may be hard, it may take time, stick with it and you’ll be fine…” and she lit up and had a renewed motivation to keep trying. A few tries later she was doing it! So thanks to Banner for helping to teach such great lessons!!”

My kids absolutely thrive under the approach you all take.

“Banner instills confidence in children. I honestly miss Banner all year long. My kids absolutely thrive under the approach you all take. You lift the kids up, make them feel their best, encourage them to be kind, think outside of themselves and reach goals. I also love that you continue to check in with them all year long. I think it reminds my kids of who they are over the summer, which for my kids is their best selves.”