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Male staff member helping a boy camper with a rocket launch



What if I need to get in touch with my camper’s Leadership Team member or counselor during the camp day?

Leadership Team members handle all the parent communication. The best time to talk to us over the phone is before camp between 8:00am and 9:15am and after camp between 3:30am and 5:00pm. Parents may call the camp office anytime during the camp day to leave a message. Leadership Team members are actively out in the program and will periodically check messages during the day and respond in a timely fashion. If it is an urgent matter, an office staff member will radio a Leadership Team member for immediate assistance. Leadership Team members work directly with counselors throughout the day to communicate about each camper’s need.

How will I know how my camper is doing throughout the summer?

Leadership Team members call home frequently throughout the summer to partner with parents in meeting their camper’s needs. During these calls, Leadership Team members will share information with parents about their camper’s experience and talk about how their camper is enjoying Banner.

How will I know what is happening day to day at camp?

Banner continually informs parents about daily camp activities and special events throughout the summer. We encourage parents to check our website for daily online newsletters and photos. Parents will receive CampTalk newsletters every two weeks which contain important reminders and information about camp events. Regular swim progress postcards and continual phone updates give parents information about their individual camper’s experience.

What if I want to extend camp?

Please call the camp office to discuss extending camp for your child(ren). All week extensions are based on space availability. We register campers for four and eight week sessions.

Programs & Activities

What should my child bring to camp each day?

Campers should wear a Banner t-shirt and gym shoes every day. We encourage campers to apply sunscreen in the morning. Pack a backpack with a swimsuit, pool shoes and extra sunscreen. Camp will provide a swim towel. Please leave all valuables and electronics at home. Please label all camper clothing and personal belongings.

What does Banner do if it rains?

Camp continues rain or shine. Alternate activities and programs will take place in our two activity pavilions, multi-purpose rooms and dining hall. Tweens and older Senior campers may at times travel off the camp grounds.

When can I visit my camper at camp?

Banner offers parents opportunities to visit during the summer. Senior and Tween Camp parents join their campers during week six for Interactive Nights. Junior Camp parents come to camp for Junior Visitor days during week six. For safety and security reasons, we do not offer open visitations.


Does my camper’s sack lunch get refrigerated?

Yes! Sack lunches (brown bag, please) are separated by group and stored in the walk-in refrigerator each day.

It’s my camper’s birthday and I would like to bring special treats for my child’s group. How can I do that?

If you would like to bring treats for your camper’s birthday, we strongly recommend sending them in your camper’s backpack or on the bus. Treats without nuts and that don’t melt in the hot sun are best (I.e. suckers, hard candy, snack bags, etc.).