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Two girl campers with go kart helmets in their hands smiling together

Mission & Values

A 60 Year Camping Tradition

Banner Day Camp was created to be an exceptional place that empowers children to grow.

And over 60 years later, our vision remains the same. Stacy Schwartz Kotelov, the second-generation owner and director, continues to be committed to providing a loving and secure atmosphere in which children thrive. Banner is a place where campers develop empathy, build resilience, and make life long friendships.

Allen and Helen Schwartz, Stacy’s parents, opened Banner Day Camp in 1964 as a Saturday camp, and in 1965 began its summer program with 100 campers. At its heart, Banner has always been about more than just fun and Allen and Helen’s dream will continue here at camp for years to come.

Female staff member teaching girl camper how to swim in the pool with a boogie board
Boy camper swinging a baseball bat

Spirited Safe Summers

Banner Day Camp is a natural environment that offers children a physically and emotionally safe place.

Life-Changing Experiences
We strive to develop campers’ spirit, character and independence along with athletic, arts and swimming skills. Banner has continued to give children life-changing experiences for more than 50 years.
Incredible Staff
Our caring and highly skilled Leadership Team members, counselors and specialists make certain that campers feel supported and included.
Encouraging Growth
A summer at Banner provides an extraordinary chance to widen horizons, create lasting friendships and discover new abilities.
Loving, Secure Atmosphere
Campers stretch beyond their comfort zone and take healthy risks. Banner creates a setting that allows success.