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Camp Groups & Supervision

Camp Groups

Every camp group at Banner is created for the comfort of each camper while still promoting the opportunity to make new friends. Groups are staffed with amazing counselors and supported and supervised by members of our Leadership Team. Each age level has its own sports and performance facilities and age appropriate activities and curriculums leading to an optimal experience at every age.
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Camper Groups
All campers are grouped by age and gender to maximize their comfort level and create positive experiences. Banner strives to create well-balanced groups where new friendships are formed and existing friendships continue to be strengthened. We recognize the comfort and security many campers feel when they have familiar friends in their group, as well as the benefits of making new friends. Groups are organized with campers from a variety of schools to create the ideal dynamics between campers.
Group Staff
Every group is led by a counselor who has completed at least their freshman year of college. At our younger age groups, these counselors are supported by junior counselors who have completed their sophomore, junior or senior year of high school. CITs and SITs, our oldest campers completing 7th through 9th grade, are also placed with camp groups.
Friendship Requests
Banner guarantees one friendship request for each camper when establishing camp groups. Each camper may request one or two friends of the same grade level and gender.
Leadership Team
A member of our Leadership Team will be assigned to each group to support and guide the staff and provide the best care for each camper. They will make sure every detail is attended to and will communicate home every week to two weeks (depending on your camper’s age) to share about your camper’s experience.