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Butterflies and Tomatoes

Exciting news from the Banner nature farm: our butterflies have just emerged from their chrysalis, undergoing the change from caterpillar to butterfly before our campers’ eyes!butterfly

Tomatoes at the vegetable garden are also coming in nicely–soon they will be ripe enough to eat. The campers are also caring for a variety of herbs such as rosemary, lavender, sage, basil, citronella, as well as cucumbers and edamame. The nature farm also has a brand new worm farm and a root garden.

Right next door to our nature center is the Banner Farm which is home to a variety of animals like Snowball our rabbit, Smore and Easton our goats, Yeti and Goat-Yey West the sheep, and Piggy Azalea our pig. Campers have the opportunity to interact with and learn about all the animals.


For more information about the life cycle of a butterfly, check out this website!