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15 Days of Gratitude

Male camper with female counselor

It’s hard to believe it’s already November! As we gear up for Thanksgiving, we wanted to challenge each of our campers to participate in a 15 Day Gratitude Challenge.

While this time of the year more naturally brings about stories of appreciation and gratefulness, practicing gratitude is something we talk about and try to instill in the campers and staff all summer long. We know that the daily practice of gratitude leads to positive emotional and physical health outcomes. So, we hope you and your campers will join us in this fun and inspiring activity.

You can participate in the following ways:

1. Click here to download and print the 15 Days of Gratitude Challenge. Your campers can fill in and color each box throughout the next few weeks.

2. Email (you can send a picture or scan the calendar) or mail us your campers completed calendar to earn a fun Banner prize.

3. Post on social media. Each day, we will post the corresponding theme of gratitude. Please share your campers responses. In a time of stress and anxiety for so many, let’s inspire others with our positive thoughts and feelings.

We wish you all a happy few weeks and can’t wait to share in this together!