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Goal of the Week

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Banner Campers Learn to Make a Positive Difference

Banner campers widen their horizons, create new and lasting friendships and discover their strengths. Along with teaching skills like how to swim or hit a baseball, the heart of what camp teaches is strong values. Children who attend Banner learn how to make friends and be a friend. They build their responsibility and self-esteem. They develop an appreciation for the natural environment. The pleasure that comes from days spent outdoors playing and team building, builds character that stays with campers throughout their lives.

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Banner’s STARFISH Goal of the Week program helps campers develop important “value skills”. The STARFISH program teaches campers that through their actions, they can make a positive difference. Counselors and campers focus on a different goal each week such as “respect” and “perseverance”. At the start of every week a new STARFISH Goal is introduced to the entire camp at the Bannerama. Throughout the week, counselors oversee group activities and lead discussions that reinforce ways to make that goal part of each camper’s life. As camp progresses, campers grow in both skills and self-confidence. They realize they can put STARFISH goals into action to be their personal best.

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Each camper will be honored once throughout the summer for strongly demonstrating that week’s STARFISH value. Camper’s will receive a special tag for their backpack and will be recognized both in their group and at the Bannerama. We are committed to making a positive impact on our camper’s social, physical and emotional development. Banner is more than just fun – it is an opportunity to build a foundation for future success.

    • Sensitivity
    • Teamwork
    • Appreciation
    • Respect
    • Friendship
    • I Believe in myself
    • Sportsmanship
    • Honesty