Banner Day Camp | CITs & SITs


Campers in Transition CIT (Completion of 7th-8th Grade)

& Staff In Training SIT (Completion of 9th Grade)


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Banner’s most mature campers enjoy a new role at camp in Banner’s CIT and SIT program. Being a CIT or SIT involves making a genuine commitment to training, growing and taking on new responsibilities. Many of Banner’s CITs and SITs become future staff members. This specialized program has been designed to give our oldest campers the opportunity to step up and share the best of themselves with camp. CITs and SITs are placed within a camp group where they will actively assist a counselor and interact with younger campers. Campers who have a CIT or SIT in their group see them as role models and greatly enjoy playing with them. Banner expects all CITs and SITs to make positive contributions to their group throughout the summer. The CIT and SIT program gives older kids a feel for what it takes to be a counselor while still experiencing the best parts of being a Banner camper.

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CITs and SITs spend a majority of their day assisting a younger group. They have the opportunity to work with both their group counselor and members of the Leadership Team to build leadership skills. CITs and SITs may assist in swimming lessons along with a swim counselor. Through goal setting, team building, leadership training and assisting in their groups, CITs and SITs develop life skills that build a foundation for future success.

Each week of the program also includes exclusive CIT/SIT activity periods where favorite camp activities are enjoyed with peers. Bungee, trapeze, dune buggies, rock climbing wall, lake trips and sports are some of the fun that CITs and SITs join in together. Every Wednesday, all CITs and SITs experience an adventure-filled day trip with the Tweens to water parks, theme parks and other awesome attractions. CITs and SITs also may choose to stay on the Banner grounds with their camp group. CITs and SITs, get ready to step up to the plate and create friends and memories that last a lifetime!

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    • Opportunity to assist a group counselor and experience the best parts of being a camper
    • Goal setting, team building, leadership training and activities that build life skills
    • Majority of the camp day is spent assisting in a younger group
    • Emphasis on building responsibility and leadership abilities
    • CIT/SIT activity periods allow favorite camp activities to be enjoyed with peers
    • Weekly trips to water parks, theme parks and other awesome attractions