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Happy Campers – Parents Praise Banner

Happy Campers…

Thank you to our families that have shared such positive feedback from this past summer. We are grateful to have a community of supportive parents.

We love hearing from you! Send any comments and happy camper stories our way to email fun@bannerdaycamp.com, and we will post on our website to share with the Banner Community.

Here is what parents are saying…

  • I honestly can say that my son Brody, had the best time of his life this summer at Banner. I truly have never seen him so happy. He cried many tears of joy the last few weeks of camp because he didn’t want camp to end. When I asked if he wanted to go back next summer, he replied “yes, and again and again and again…etc. ” Thank you Banner staff for everything, and we are counting down the days ’til next summer. #bannerlifer.  Thanks again! –Jaime & Brett
  • I want to share with you how happy we are that we chose to send Annabella to Banner! EVERYONE on your team has been really great and helpful. Overall, you have an extremely well-run camp and it’s nice that your team is always “on the same page” with things, always smiling and very happy! I have had people stop me while out running errands asking how we like Banner (when Annabella is wearing her t-shirt) and I cannot tell them enough great things about your program! Having never lived in the Midwest before, I consider ourselves lucky that we chose the best camp on Day 1! –Annabella’s Mom
  • We would like to thank you for a wonderful summer. This was our daughter’s first summer at Banner and at a day camp. When looking at Banner, I conferred with my sister whose four children spent time at Banner. She said that Banner does everything they claim to do in their marketing. To be honest, it was a bit out of our price league, but we decided to allocate the money for a program that truly puts the children first. From the start, we were thoroughly impressed with each contact we had with Banner. The joy and enthusiasm your Banner team members demonstrated with Dani and us clearly came across in our dealings with everyone from the bus driver, to the people directing traffic at the 4th of July Picnic. Each day Dani came home enthusiastic about the day and excited about the adventures coming the next day. Most of all, we would like you to know that Matt, her age level leadership person, was truly exceptional. He was wonderful at communicating with us and following through on what he said he would do. Because of Matt, we felt confident that Dani was well taken care of and that he was a true partner with us in shaping Dani in a positive manner while holding her accountable to the Banner ideals. We look forward to another summer with you in 2015! –Gineen and Deborah
  • I just wanted thank you for a great summer! This was my son Gavin’s 1st year at Banner and to say he loved it is an understatement. He woke up on the weekends even asking if it was a camp day. He had the best summer. Your leadership, counselors and bus drivers have been amazing. I am so glad that I chose to send Gavin to Banner. He is really going to miss camp and I am sure we will be counting down the days until next summer. Thank you for all that you guys do to make camp so amazing for these kids!! Looking forward to many more years at Banner!! –Nicole
  • I found myself wondering how my 4 year old son Logan had come to change so much. He had grown into leading a life of his own; a life independent of having to rely on mommy & daddy for all the little things. He faced new challenges and experiences without me, making a million memories he was eager to share with anyone & everyone. I found myself listening in wonderment…that’s when I realized this was the week my little buddy grew up. This was Logan’s first week at Banner Day Camp. I have no doubt that his independence & self confidence will continue to blossom. We are grateful that he has such an awesome opportunity at Banner Day Camp. –Karen
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YET ANOTHER EPIC SUMMER AT BANNER!! Ryan absolutely loves nothing more than a day at Banner. Thank you for creating such an amazing environment at Banner – we call Banner “Disney in Lake Forest”! You all work so hard to give the kids a great experience-everyone is so kind, easy-going-and that really translates to teaching kids to be kind, easy-going, compassionate kids-such a great sense of camaraderie. –Susan
  • Thanks for a fantastic summer!! Harry loved every minute of his first year as a Big Wheel!! –Sarah
  • Thanks once again for an amazing summer. Banner day camp is the best ever!!!! –Kelly
  • Already looking forward to next summer! Thank you for making it such a wonderful experience for the kids. –Elena
  • We went swimming with Paige yesterday. Scott and I could not believe Paige is swimming! We were shocked that she is swimming and going under water after only 5 weeks! The confidence she has in her abilities was by far the most impressive part! Banner is AMAZING!!! I tell everyone who will listen about your program. Thank you so much for everything!!! –Wes
  • I just wanted to give you some feedback about Hip Hop.  Abby has LOVED it – what a great addition to her summer.  The dance teacher is wonderful and Abby has grown in her confidence on stage considerably.  She practices the dances all over the house could not be happier.  The performances are high energy and a ton of fun for Abby and our entire family. –Lauren
  • Logan had a fantastic first Banner summer! I have a feeling he will be talking about it until next June! Thank you to each & every person who helps make camp what it is. –Karen
  • Thank you! Carter had another amazing summer. Banner is such a special place! Congrats on 50! –Monique
  •  We just wanted to thank you for a wonderful interactive night last night. I am constantly amazed by your camp. It was such a beautiful night and we loved seeing our daughter so happy and running around to all her favorite activities. We loved meeting her counselor Liz, who is just incredible and so personable – like all the other counselors we met last night. And it was truly magical sitting at the cookout in this beautiful forest – especially coming from the city…. I kept thinking to myself how blessed we are that Ella can go to your camp – I literally got choked up. Makes every hour I put in at work worth it (and I know my husband feels the same) – so we can keep sending her. Thank you for everything your camp does. –Jamie and Steve
  • Thanks for a great summer! You have an amazing camp and amazing staff!! –Ellen
  • Our kids had a great time this year. Thanks to Banner’s amazingly talented leadership and staff, my kids always come home with smiles. –Chris
  • Kids loved every minute! Thanks! –Monica
  • So looking forward to next year! Thanks for a great summer!! We are wearing our 2015 T-shirt with PRIDE!! –Jennifer
  • Anthony loves being able to share his times at camp with us!!! Thank you all for everything you do, and making his summers so magical!! –Lyndsey
  • I just spent last night downloading more photos from the Shutterfly website. You guys do a great job with pictures and really capture the “moment”. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you all next summer! –Susan