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Circus of the Kids

Step right up and join in our excitement as Banner campers have the opportunity to perform in a real circus show at the end of this week for campers and parents with professional equipment and costumes. The show will include aerial acts, bike and skating tricks, ringmaster, fire eaters and more. We opened up this program to current 1st graders through CITs who signed up to participate. They have spent numerous hours each day rehearsing and learning these amazing circus acts. Evening hours and dress rehearsals are taking place as well. The campers have pushed their ability to challenge themselves, overcome fears, and enjoy the excitement of learning new skills!

Carnival Day this Friday will include two showtimes for the entire camp at 11 am and 1 pm for campers to watch in the new pavilion. The evening show will be held here at Banner at 6 pm for friends and family members of the circus participants. Be on the lookout for more pictures and highlights from the circus show.

Thor Circus

Practicing the bike trick!

Circus Rings

Campers working together on the Globe!