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For Families

Blooming Paper Flowers

If you’re looking for a fun activity to try with your kids at home, give this science experiment a try! Kids of all ages will be excited to see their paper flowers unfold right in front of their eyes.

How to make Blooming Paper Flowers



  • Flower template
  • Printer paper
  • Markers, crayons, or colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • A bowl or any container that can hold water


Step 1: Print out the flower template or draw your own.

Step 2: Color in the flowers however you choose. Once completed, cut the flowers out with scissors.

Step 3: Fold the petals one by one toward the center.

Step 4: Fill your bowl or container with water.

Step 5: Place the paper flowers into the water with the petals facing up. Try to lay the flowers into the water as flat as possible.

Step 6: Watch your flowers bloom!