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Banner Overnighters

Dear Parents of Senior and Tween Campers,

It’s not too late to sign up of Banner’s exciting overnights! Each overnight is includes an after camp swim, exciting themed evening activities, a camp fire and a morning appearance on the Bannerama stage. Campers will be provided with dinner and breakfast as well as snacks and an ice cream treat. Each overnighter is led by members of Banner’s leadership team along with camp staff. Overnights are open to all campers who have completed 1st through 6th grade. The fee for each overnight is $130.

Boys Overnighter Schedule:
June 26 Sports Scavenger Hunt with leadership Brad and Naz
July 10 TrampaLOU-RYza with leadership Louie and Ryan
July 19 Tournament of Champions with leadership Brad and Mike
August 2 Minute to Win it with leadership Matt and Peter

Girls Overnighter Schedule:
June 28 Birthday Party with leadership Larissa and Jenna
July 12 Hollywood with leadership Liz and Kim
July 31 Out of this World with leadership Amanda and Tyler
August 7 Surf’s Up with leadership Justina and Annie

Campers will need to bring:
1. a sleeping bag
2. pajamas
3. a change of clothes
4. a pillow
5. toiletries
6. an extra bathing suit

Campers can also choose to bring bug spray and a flashlight. Make sure to label all belongings and pack them in a large bag.

Signing up is easy! Fill out the overnight sign up form at https://bannerdaycamp.net/overnight.html and submit it along with your credit card information or call the camp office at 847.295.4900.