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Banner Leadership

A Team of More Than 30 Dedicated Educators & Camping Professionals

Leading the Way

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At the heart of the Banner team is Stacy Schwartz Kotelov whose parents Helen and Allen Schwartz founded Banner in 1964. Allen had been leading camp at the Bannerama for forty-nine years and is now enjoying retirement. Stacy continues leading Bannerama in his footsteps. Together with Howard Thall, Stacy and Howard lead the team and handle every aspect of camp all year long along with a core team of dedicated leadership.

Today, the Banner Day Camp Leadership Team has grown to include more than 30 dedicated educators and camp professionals. Many members of the team have been at Banner since they were campers and counselors themselves! All Leadership Team members have professional experience in education and child development. The Leadership Team meets year round to continue their professional growth and plan for the upcoming summer.

Quality Supervision

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Banner’s Leadership Team provides a class of supervision that is unsurpassed. Each age-level and specialty area has multiple Leadership Team members responsible for working with campers and staff. Every age level is then broken down into much smaller divisions supervised by a single Leadership Team member. This structure allows members of the Leadership Team to work with their specific groups continually throughout the camp day. Banner is committed to ensuring that each camper receives the highest level of care. From planning and participating in activities, to supervising and guiding staff, to addressing individual camper needs, Leadership Team members are devoted to making the Banner experience the best it can be.

Leadership Team members are the eyes and ears of parents at camp. By maintaining ongoing communication with parents, the Leadership Team ensures that parents stay connected to their camper’s experience. The primary responsibility is to get to know each camper in their division as an individual. Camper’s experience are tailored to meet these needs. We will listen to you and your child and do whatever it takes to create an ideal Banner experience. The result – Banner offers our families the very top level of service imaginable and our campers the opportunity to experience the best summer of their lives!

Extraordinary Staff

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The key to an amazing Banner summer is our dedicated, talented staff. Banner staff members create a safe, energizing environment for our campers. Our staff is made up of highly trained counselors and specialists. They are devoted to working with children and giving them an extraordinary summer experience. Banner looks for enthusiastic individuals who want to make a difference. We consider it a huge compliment that many of our counselors and specialists return to camp year after year. In fact, a lot of our staff members were once Banner campers!

Banner Day Camp’s number one priority is the safety and supervision of each camper. Our child-centered staff offers the smallest camper-counselor ratio in the day camp community. A ratio of approximately three campers per counselor ensures that staff members meet the individualized needs of each camper. The quality of Banner’s summer staff is unsurpassed in the camping community. To be a part of Banner Day Camp, all staff members go through an extensive selection and orientation process. This makes certain that Banner chooses the most outstanding individuals to work with our campers.

Staff Qualifications

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Every person who applies for a job at Banner goes through a thorough, face-to-face interviewing process and multiple reference checks. Banner only hires staff members who are highly qualified to work at camp. Applicants must demonstrate past camping experience, knowledge of working with children and a strong background in their skill area. Banner provides our staff with the most complete training available so they can excel in the camp setting. All staff members undergo an intense, week-long orientation. Banner’s orientation includes training in safety, child development and camp procedures. Throughout the summer, staff development continues during evening staff meetings and through daily mentoring by the Leadership Team. At Banner Day Camp, staff are the most treasured resource. Their love and energy create the Banner Spirit.