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Special Events

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Fantastic Friday Fun… EXTRAORDINARY!

At Banner, every Friday is a thrilling celebration! Each week brings a new special event with its own exciting theme, colorful costumes and amazing activities. With rides and attractions, DJ’s, special guest performers and a delicious cookout, Banner Fridays are truly extraordinary. As the Banner buses pull into camp, campers eagerly exit knowing incredible surprises are in store. Leadership Team members and staff arrive in costume to add to the excitement. Campers may also wear favorite costumes to match the theme of the day.

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Campers and staff get completely immersed in the fun. Everyone joins in the spirit and traditions of camp. Wild West Day brings western style costumes, pony rides, western themed games and a petting zoo to the Banner grounds. On Olympic Day, Banner hosts full-scale Olympic events including opening ceremonies, a flag parade, relays, obstacle courses and awesome international themed games. Carnival Day is a big top sized celebration filled with carnival games, prizes and special performances by jugglers, stilt walkers and more. At Beach Day/Swim-A-Rama, beach themed games, inflatable water-slides, water relays and a pool party rule the day. Friday Special Events change each summer as Banner combines old and new favorites to keep things fresh. A sampling of Special Events past and present include:

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  • Wild West Day
  • Carnival Day
  • Balloon Lift-Off
  • Picture Day
  • Staff Follies
  • Olympics
  • Beach Day/Swim-A-Rama
  • Bannerversary
  • July Fourth Picnic
  • Disney Day
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Windy City Sports
  • TV Day
  • Dancing Through the Decades
  • Space Day

Artists in Residence

Banner takes summer to the next level bringing in special guests and famous figures to work with our campers. Professional artists, athletes, coaches and community leaders serve as role models and provide inspiration and advice. As they share their stories with campers, they teach values such as appreciation and perseverance. Campers also have the opportunity to participate in activities with various Artists in Residence. Our Artists in Residence are professional athletes, musicians, dancers, artists and storytellers who give performances and work with groups of campers. These unique opportunities enhance the Banner experience and maximize camper’s fun and learning!