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boy playing hockey

Develop Skills and Have a Ball!

Banner Day Camp’s comprehensive sports program gives campers extensive opportunities to develop their athletic abilities and have a ball! Banner offers a tremendous range of sports options. Our campers enjoy playing and developing their skills all summer long. Sports instruction and game play meet the developmental needs of campers at various age levels. Banner adheres to a non-competitive philosophy that emphasizes skill development and individual growth. Campers gain instruction from experienced sports specialists who play or coach at the varsity and collegiate level. Highly trained counselors also teach sports within their groups. Campers engage in games and activities that emphasize growth, teamwork and fun.

boys baseball

Skill of the Week

Banner’s Sports Skill of the Week program gives campers multiple opportunities to improve sports proficiency throughout the camp day. Each week a different skill is selected for baseball, basketball and soccer. Featured skills include fundamentals such as throwing, dribbling or shooting. The selected skills are demonstrated to the entire camp at Bannerama. These skills are then taught throughout the week to all age levels by counselors and sports specialists. They are also reinforced through game play.

girls playing tee ball

Banner Beginnings and Junior Camp Sports

At the Banner Beginnings and Junior Camp levels, campers receive an age appropriate introduction to sports. This program creates lasting confidence and a love of the game. Coordination, motor and skill development and the basic elements of game play are introduced. In a nurturing atmosphere that emphasizes fun, participation and self-esteem, campers engage in guided practice and non-competitive games. Smaller fields and scaled down equipment are used.

boys playing soccer

Senior and Tween Sports

The Banner Sports experience rises to the next level for Senior and Tween campers. Seniors and Tweens enjoy vast opportunities to learn and play a multitude of sports. Campers utilize Banner’s state of the art facilities and playing fields. Seniors receive extensive skill instruction to improve their abilities and confidence. They also gain a variety of sports for game play. Seniors participating in our Competitive Sports League enjoy coaching by experienced sports specialists and counselors. These staff members teach techniques for improving skills and athleticism. Tween Campers customize their own sports program during Tween Sports Electives and Clubs. These clubs offer a broad array of sports options from which Tweens can choose. Tween campers also enjoy enhanced game play with peers. They continue to be coached by experienced sports specialists to further refine their skills.

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Competitive Sports League
  • Flag Football
  • Floor Hockey
  • Ga Ga
  • Gymnastics*
  • Kickball
  • Lacrosse
  • Sand Soccer
  • Sand Volleyball
  • Pillo Polo
  • Soccer
  • Trampball
  • Wiffle Ball

*Gymnastics taught and led by Ultimate Gymnastics.